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[Having only "talked" with the person who had introduced him to the idea of the keymash, and a short talk it was at that, Fayt decides to take a walk around Pixelville to get a feel for the place, as he often did in the towns and cities on Elicoor II. After having found nothing safe that was of particular interest to him while on his own, Fayt decides to take a break and sit down in front of the faintly glowing statue near The Tower. As he leans his back against it, he closes his eyes]

"This place sure is strange...I wonder if the people here are all sleep during the day?"

[The statue behind him shines brightly for a split second and Fayt opens his eyes, tilting his head up to look at the statue. But there was nothing different about it, though the glow did seem to be a bit stronger... Fayt shakes his head.]

"Nah, I must have imagined it. I'm so bored my mind's playing tricks on me."

[Fayt closes his eyes once more in an attempt at taking a nap]
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