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oo2: you talk like you're famous, you're shameless.

[talk about boring. Riku's a little on the edge; ever since his mission with Princess Peach, everything's been uneventful for him. He's pretty much been hanging around the dorms; although he wants to explore, he's worried that thinking so much about Sora and Kairi has been keeping his guard down, and he figures that if he gets attacked in a state like that...

He figures that he might as well check out the systems around his TV. He puts his headset on, not exactly realizing that anyone in Pixelville can contact him if they want to. Turning on one of the random systems, he stands there awkwardly, holding the controller.

Feel free to talk to him via headset. Annoy him, rant about your problems, tell him your life story--it's not like he's about to turn it off.]

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