Godot (moar_coffee_plz) wrote in pixelville,


[After walking around and observing his surroundings, Godot has realized two things: one, he is definitely not in Los Angeles, not prosecuting in the Mask DeMasque trial, and not beating Phoenix Wright’s case to a bloody pulp… which, he supposes is more than one thing when he thinks about it, but he’s having a bit of trouble thinking because of his next case in point – that there is a disturbing lack of coffee in this strange new world. Normally by this time he’d at least be on his 19th cup, but at the moment he’s just attempting to savor the last drop of cold coffee in his near-empty mug.]

“Ha! This is an unexpected turn of events... probably not the most favorable, but I guess complaining about it won't do any good, huh? Now, to find a decent coffee shop..."

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