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01: Another game, another Fayt

[After thinking and brooding over this new, and unwelcome, piece of information, Fayt comes to the conclusion that if he's a copy, and this Luther is a copy, then that means that the real him is still out there foiling the plans of the real Luther to destroy his galaxy. Fayt gets up and walks out of his room to find his way down to the first floor, occasionally looking over at the new and improved version of the communicators that he was so familiar with clipped to his waist on his way down to the cafeteria. Assuming they really can replicate any food from his home, maybe something nice and cool might help him feel better about the situation?]

Umm...a vanilla ice cream please?

[He was a bit surprised to actually get the ice cream cone that he had asked for, as was evident by the expression on his face when it came into his hand. He shook his head and walked over to a seat by the window and looked out at the strange new town.

I wonder what kind of people live in this strange place...oh!

[As a vanilla flavored droplet reached his hand, he began to eat his ice cream before more of it melted.]
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