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13th-Aug-2008 02:22 am - Order I.

Alright guys, this is really ceasing to be funny, now. [have a Roxas walking though the city and not having a -clue- where he's going. Yup, have a nice lost Roxas. He looks pretty angry, but anyone who knows him will get that one.]

[though, after a bout of silence, it turns more uncomfortable than angry.] You'd think one would get used to being a copy...


10th-Aug-2008 05:41 pm - 2
↪ on a pedestal of all your butthurts
[climbing Luther's Tower ledge by ledge, with jet flares every so often. He's also fighting off security bots and other things that try to stop him.]
[talk about boring. Riku's a little on the edge; ever since his mission with Princess Peach, everything's been uneventful for him. He's pretty much been hanging around the dorms; although he wants to explore, he's worried that thinking so much about Sora and Kairi has been keeping his guard down, and he figures that if he gets attacked in a state like that...

He figures that he might as well check out the systems around his TV. He puts his headset on, not exactly realizing that anyone in Pixelville can contact him if they want to. Turning on one of the random systems, he stands there awkwardly, holding the controller.

Feel free to talk to him via headset. Annoy him, rant about your problems, tell him your life story--it's not like he's about to turn it off.]

9th-Aug-2008 06:02 pm - 002 - RUN, DANTE, RUN.

Where the hell are you?
7th-Aug-2008 04:12 pm - 01

[After walking around and observing his surroundings, Godot has realized two things: one, he is definitely not in Los Angeles, not prosecuting in the Mask DeMasque trial, and not beating Phoenix Wright’s case to a bloody pulp… which, he supposes is more than one thing when he thinks about it, but he’s having a bit of trouble thinking because of his next case in point – that there is a disturbing lack of coffee in this strange new world. Normally by this time he’d at least be on his 19th cup, but at the moment he’s just attempting to savor the last drop of cold coffee in his near-empty mug.]

“Ha! This is an unexpected turn of events... probably not the most favorable, but I guess complaining about it won't do any good, huh? Now, to find a decent coffee shop..."

6th-Aug-2008 04:15 pm - 02
[Having only "talked" with the person who had introduced him to the idea of the keymash, and a short talk it was at that, Fayt decides to take a walk around Pixelville to get a feel for the place, as he often did in the towns and cities on Elicoor II. After having found nothing safe that was of particular interest to him while on his own, Fayt decides to take a break and sit down in front of the faintly glowing statue near The Tower. As he leans his back against it, he closes his eyes]

"This place sure is strange...I wonder if the people here are all sleep during the day?"

[The statue behind him shines brightly for a split second and Fayt opens his eyes, tilting his head up to look at the statue. But there was nothing different about it, though the glow did seem to be a bit stronger... Fayt shakes his head.]

"Nah, I must have imagined it. I'm so bored my mind's playing tricks on me."

[Fayt closes his eyes once more in an attempt at taking a nap]
3rd-Aug-2008 03:02 pm - 001
[Irritable demon hunter is... well, irritable. This seems to clash too much with her personality, but nonetheless, this Lady, raising a faint eyebrow. Because- wait, what the hell am I doing? No, she won't admit to being confused, but- WHAT THE HELL IS THIS.]



The point of this is...?
31st-Jul-2008 04:22 pm - 001
[i.d: konakona logged in]


This place. Is so.


There's even a console in my room! Aaaaayi~ Does anybody else here have DS? I feel like multiplayer!~ When do we start missions? What're the rules? Anybody else from Japan? Who wants to go exploring? Teams always have better chances, and I'll even let you be the leader! Where's the food? I wonder if there are any anime characters here?!

This is so cool!

[keyboard smash upon keyboard smash]

I must have died and gone to heaven~

[every number of the keyboard, in order, and all the symbols too]
31st-Jul-2008 08:06 am - 01: Another game, another Fayt
[After thinking and brooding over this new, and unwelcome, piece of information, Fayt comes to the conclusion that if he's a copy, and this Luther is a copy, then that means that the real him is still out there foiling the plans of the real Luther to destroy his galaxy. Fayt gets up and walks out of his room to find his way down to the first floor, occasionally looking over at the new and improved version of the communicators that he was so familiar with clipped to his waist on his way down to the cafeteria. Assuming they really can replicate any food from his home, maybe something nice and cool might help him feel better about the situation?]

Umm...a vanilla ice cream please?

[He was a bit surprised to actually get the ice cream cone that he had asked for, as was evident by the expression on his face when it came into his hand. He shook his head and walked over to a seat by the window and looked out at the strange new town.

I wonder what kind of people live in this strange place...oh!

[As a vanilla flavored droplet reached his hand, he began to eat his ice cream before more of it melted.]
30th-Jul-2008 12:51 pm - oo1: just like you.
[he's obviously uncomfortable; something about the whole situation is throwing him off, even if he's been thrown into unfamiliar worlds time and time again. He's been trying to let the entire thing sink in.]

I'm a... copy? An exact replica of my original self?

Reminds me of...

[he decides that posting all of this thoughts is asinine, and wanders outside to see just what this world has to offer.]
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